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Current Version

Version 4.1 (28.12.2018)

Download   ComTrace v4 - RS232 Analyzer (multi-lingual) - (14 MB)

  • Contains program, user manual and operating instructions.
  • This demo version is limited to a maximum of 1000 recorded events.
  • Installation (New/Update): Download into a temporary directory (e.g. "C:\temp"), unzip there and start the EXE file. Follow the instructions to install into an already existing or a new ComTrace directory (Execution as Administrator not necessary)!

NOTE: Please be aware that if used as a demo, you can only carry out a partial measurement (not all data and signals). A complete measurement is only possible with the supplied cable of a ComTrace package or kit!


Download   ComTrace v4 - RS232 Analyzer - Operation instruction (English) - CTv4_Operation_instructions_EN.pdf (2 MB)

  • Important information for ComTrace before first starting/operation.
  • Installed at setup as well and can be found under "Start-ComTrace-Operating instruction". This PDF manual can be printed.

ComTrace v4.x - RS232 Analyzer - Release Notes (English):



Previous Versions 

Version 3.5 (out of support from 31-12-2018)

Download   ComTrace v3 - RS232 Analyzer (multi-lingual) - (12 MB)

Download   ComTrace v3 - RS232 Analyzer - Operation instruction (English) - CTv3_Operation_instructions_EN.pdf (2 MB)

ComTrace v3.x - RS232 Analyzer - Release Notes (English):