RS232 Analyzer - Screenshots

Insights and pictures of ComTrace RS232 Analyzer

Here we want to give you a general overview for the most important application windows of ComTrace.

Find more details in the user manual that is available in the download area.




Main window

Here in the picture you can see the main screen of the application in English language (selectable GERMAN or ENGLISH). In the following screenshots we have chosen a light skin of the application for clarity.

This main window contains the menu/icon control, the data grid for displaying the data and the control center with the fields "DISPLAY","TRIGGER" and "RECORDER".


ComTrace RS232 Analyzer - Main window


Data view

To display the data, there are several modes, char sets and some kinds of timestamps available. Below there is a screenshot for each view type of "VERTICAL FULL", "DATA ONLY" and "DUMP" mode.


VERTICAL FULL - All signal and data lines in one view similiar to an ECG.

ComTrace RS232 Analyzer - Vertical full view


DATAONLY - Only data in a compressed format for USASCII, EBCDIC, HEX, DEC, OCT, BIN.

ComTrace RS232 Analyzer - Data only view


DUMP - Only data but divided into combinations like "USASCII - HEX" or "EBCDIC - BIN" for example.

ComTrace RS232 Analyzer - Data dump view


Control center

DISPLAY - Please select your view mode, char view and the required timestamp format

ComTrace RS232 Analyzer - Display control center


RECORDER - Here you START and STOP the recording or interrupt the recording with the PAUSE key.

ComTrace RS232 Analyzer - Recorder panel


TRIGGER - Set up to 255 triggers of  type START, STOP or INACTIVITY. These can be serialized as sequences. Therewith you can start and stop your recording under  certain conditions to react exactly on specific events and data. So you optimize usage of the available recording volume.

ComTrace RS232 Analyzer - Trigger panel


Event/statistics window

ComTrace RS232 Analyzer - Event statistic

Herewith ComTrace shows you the details of the selected or just received events.

The timestamp betweem the current, previews and next event.

The recorded data for transmit and receive lines as USASCII,/HEX/DEC/OCT/BIN fro example.

Line status (data and signals) is again displayed below for the current event.

At least the current load (ACTUAL/PEEK/QUALITY) of the interface and summary of error counts for PARITY/FRAMING/LINE.

So you have already an insight into quality and error rates of the connection during recording. This saves you time on error search and avoids unnecessary long recordings on missing base quality of a connection.













ComTrace RS232 Analyzer - Live portIn the Live-Port windows you setup baudrate, data bits, parity and stop bits for the RS232 interfaces used by ComTrace.

And the window shows you the current live status of data and signal lines while reocding. This eases the error search and gives you a first impression of the status of the RS232 interface. For example flickering data lines mean a running data traffic. With the signal lines you can check for problmes of handshake - Are all necessary signals active?!






Create expressive reports with header information, e.g. mission location, customer or lab order.

The view you selected in ComTrace will be used for this report. The header information can be saved via the environment settings for each mission to be used again later.

 ComTrace RS232 Analyzer - Reporting



Simple and effective: The export in ComTrace to CSV or RAW. Select what and how much data you want to get in your export.

The CSV file can directly be opened in Excel to execute more filtering and analyzing there.

ComTrace RS232 Analyzer - Export control


ComTrace RS232 Analyzer - Export to Excel or CSV 


For further questions we always give you a hand. Pleased to hear from you...


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