Principle of ComTrace RS232 Analyzer for Windows


Realtime recording

ComTrace is multithread optimized to give you the highest precision and speed reading data on a RS232 connection between communication partners.


The "High performance" counter of your system is able to resolve to microseconds. ComTrace checks at startup for the counter properties.


One of the key functions of ComTrace is the "Trigger Engine" that can help you searching for specific events on data and signal lines, errors, data and time events. You can setup a maximum of 255 triggers in the trigger panel. You can use mulitple start and stop triggers in any sequence. That enables you to setup one or more start/stop/inactivity conditions for a recording session. The triggers will be saved inside their own enviroment file. So you always can re-use these settings.

Environment properties

You can load, save and edit as much enviroment files as you want that belong to a certain customer or laboratory environment! These environment settings include the port and record file settings as well..

Display possibilities

There are sufficient possibilities to view the data as you want. Switch to view "Detail (Vertical)", "Data only" or "Data dump". Display characters as USASCII or EBCDIC with or without control and command characters, in hexadecimal, decimal, octal or binary. Adjust the view column size to get the best results.

"COM Setup/Real Port" window

Setup the COM ports within this window. Monitor the realtime status LEDs of the serial interface during recording.

"Event/Statistics" window

This window gives you detailed information about the current, previous and next event. It shows you bars for load (current/peek) along with line quality.

Report printing

The recorded data and their detailed information can be printed on any printer (Laser, ink jet, PDF writer...). ComTrace prints your data as on the screen! So you can provide your customers or your recording archive with professional reports!


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