Mobile Serial RS232/RS485/MODBUS Monitor & Recorder - IWOXX

ComTrace RS232 RS485 RS422 Analyser

Precise, microsecond accurate, asynchronous full duplex real-time recording & monitoring of RS232 interfaces for Windows PCs.
Also predestined as a long-term data logger for large data volumes (up to 340GB per record file)!
CSV export, printing, trigger, search and much more. ...

 ComTrace 4.0 - RS232 Analyzer

 RS232 Analyzer Windows 10 compatibleRS232 Analyzer Windows 8 compatible RS232 Analyzer Windows 7 compatible



Basic features and functions: 

ComTrace RS232 Analyzer Feature Plus Recording and analysis - All data and signal lines of the RS232 (V24) interface
ComTrace RS232 Analyzer Feature Plus Wide range of applications as monitor, recorder and data logger for debugging, data mining, development, logging and reporting
ComTrace RS232 Analyzer Feature Plus Reports (including important header data of your project) and Export (Excel-compatible for legible archiving or further external analysis)
ComTrace RS232 Analyzer Feature Plus  Search function - Search for specific data, signal states, events and triggers
ComTrace RS232 Analyzer Feature Plus  Time measurement - Absolute and relative delta time measurement
ComTrace RS232 Analyzer Feature Plus  Trigger engine with sequencer for multi-START/STOP/INACTIVITY trigger configurations - unattended operation and monitoring, limiting data volumes, filtering for data and signal lines
ComTrace RS232 Analyzer Feature Plus  Alerter function - To call external programs for alerting or triggering specific actions when an event occurs (e. g. email, SMS, visual, audible,...)
ComTrace RS232 Analyzer Feature Plus  Easy to install, configure and use - Look and feel like a laboratory meter/recorder, different skins for light or dark environments, easy to use
ComTrace RS232 Analyzer Feature Plus  Zero-Delay - Instant, direct reading without additional driver, no loop-through
ComTrace RS232 Analyzer Feature Plus  All adapters and cables included - Start measurements immediately!
ComTrace RS232 Analyzer Feature Plus  Ready for Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 - Official Microsoft compatibility tests successfully completed.
ComTrace RS232 Analyzer Feature Plus Portable use with notebook, laptop - For use at remote locations/customers
ComTrace RS232 Analyzer Feature Plus Supported languages: English, German
ComTrace RS232 Analyzer Feature Plus  Developed in Germany, free English support and updates
ComTrace RS232 Analyzer Feature Plus  Automatic updates and notification on upgrades for registered users


What our customers say:


"The IWOXX ComTrace Express Card Bundle arrived and works super.
A surprise was the bag. Thank you!"
Herr Dipl. Ing. (FH) Rainer Jodoin
Executive partner of Agenda Informationssysteme GmbH & Co. KG, Rosenheim


RS232 Serial Analyzer USB - Complete Package Delivery

ComTrace RS232 Analyzer - Package
You will find the following parts in the delivery of a Comtrace complete package:

1 x USB stick with program, operating instructions and user manual in electronic form (PDF & HTML, DE/EN)
1 x adapter cable COM-AB from PC to test cable
4 x SUB-D9/25 adapter plug
2 x test cable (1 x for SUB-D9 and 1 x SUB-D25 connections)
1 x transport/protection bag
1 x Exsys EX-1332HMV USB 2x serial RS-232 adapter


Installation, configuration and start

 Please also have a look for the following description!

 ComTrace RS232 Analyzer - DTE/DTE-Sample configuration

Example: ComTrace DTE/DTE configuration/measurement setup 


Application and usage


Serial communictaion examples:

  • PC-to-PC
  • PC-to-Modem
  • PC-to-Machine
  • Machine-to-Machine
  • BUS-Systems
  • ...

Usage examples at our customers:

  • Lab measurement
  • Data logger - With following examine in Excel etc.
  • Development of communication protocols
  • Development of communication systems
  • Continuous monitoring, e.g. train guide servers
  • Machine communication and development
  • Automotive technology
  • Railway technology
  • and much more...